Technology has completely changed the way people used to access entertainment. Today, live video streaming is a thing as it has completely changed the digital land escape. People of all ages are into video streaming because of the benefits that this platform offers.

We live in the era of advanced technology, and people prefer binge-watching their favorite TV series instead of taking time out for each other.

According to Statista, in 2020, almost three billion users streamed or downloaded video, and the figure is expected to reach 3.5 billion by 2023. Sounds fascinating, right?

A great video streaming service can not only entertain you but can also help you save money by cutting the traditional TV cables. When people hear the term video streaming platforms, they think about Hulu Live TV or Netflix for video streaming! Sure, they are popular, but they are not the onlyvideo streaming platforms that are available. YouTube TV is another US-exclusive video streaming platform.

There are several video streaming platforms to choose from! Consider checking outTVand internet packagesas there are several channels to choose from and you will never get bored. 

Want to read more about YouTube TV? Dive in!

What Is YouTube TV?

You might be familiar with YouTube, but do you know about YouTube TV?

It is not only a popular video streaming platform, but it also offers a variety ofvideo content that one can watch. Videos can be played on demand! This streaming service is similar to TV, where you can watch the shows you like. Ensure you have a great internet connection if you are planning to subscribe to YouTube TV so it can enhance your viewing experience.

It is considered to be a better replacement for traditional TV as it can be streamed through smart TVs, laptops, or mobile devices.

The exact line of channels depends on your location. All you have to do is enter your zip code on YouTube TV’s webpageand get a preview of the channels.

If you love streaming videos and YouTube TV is not accessible to you, then please check cable and internet bundlesas you’ll find the best internet and cable deals under one roof. So, cut the table cords and be a part of the trend!

How Do I Sign Up?

Well, it is not hard as you think it is! You need streaming devices such as Smart TV or Roku TV to choose the YouTube application. If you are new, you can use the streaming service via a fourteen-day trial option before you pay for the service.

It is beneficial, as you can understand whether you want to continue or not. After your trial period ends, you have to pay 64$.99 per month for one-month membership up to six accounts. Do not worry! The cost is more or less similar to Hulu + Live TV but is much cheaper than the traditional cable TV services.

Do you know you can stream 85+ channels of your local and live TV! And if it is still not enough, then you have the option of adding an extra layer of networks.

Some of the channels include Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, MLB, ESPN, CBS, and the NFL network. If this isn’t enough, you can pay an additional amount for Spanish channels. If you do not want to watch live videos, it also offers on-demand shows and movies, so you can binge-watch them anytime you want to!

There is also a 4K Plus Package to stream videos and save the recordings for later as well. The package is known as a 4K plus add-on, and you can enjoy your family holidays without getting bored. You will get a plethora of movies and TV series to choose from. So, what is the wait? Sign up today!

YouTube TV Is Different Than Regular YouTube

Well, you might be wondering what the need to have YouTube TV when you can watch videos forfree from YouTube online is.

Let us unfold it for you! With YouTube, you can watch music videos and other video content with ads. You can still download videos from regular YouTube, but the content of YouTube Live TV is different. It broadcasts popular cable TV networks and movies that are not available on regular YouTube.

To enjoy watching premium channels, you need to subscribe to YouTube TV and get access to 85+ channels which regular YouTube platform does not offer!

Final Thoughts

When it is about entertainment, people do not compromise! With the rise of the on-demand video streaming platforms, people no longer rely on traditional cable TV services.

Hulu with Live TV isn’t the only popular video streaming platform that is available, as there are several others that you can subscribe to. Do your research and choose the best video platforms after analyzing your budget and video streaming needs.


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